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Processes behind the product

Posted on: October 2, 2020

Video source

It has been a while since I have used a video to highlight the importance of being able to see the processes that are responsible for a product. This principle is true not just for a popular movie on Netflix, but also for schooling and education.

We are not mind readers and so we are more certain that students have learnt something if they externalise it. This overall process often manifests itself in a product, e.g., exam answers, group project, performed skill. One or more teachers then assess that product.

But what about the processes that led to the product? Processes like planning, tinkering, correcting mistakes, working with others, reflecting, and more. These processes are important to students while they are in school and later on at work.

Such processes are trickier to evaluate, but this does not mean the job is impossible. And anything worth doing is difficult. That is what makes it difficult.

Focus on the processes, not just the product of those processes. You might just enjoy gaining insights on and evaluating those processes as a result.

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