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Solving buggy Notes

Posted on: September 23, 2020

After I updated my iPhone to iOS 14, I discovered that my Notes app slowed down.

How slow? I could try to type a short sentence, but the words would only start to appear when I was done with that sentence. At times it got so bad that I had to wait a few seconds before each tap resulted in a character appearing on screen.

I had not experienced this on my phone before, but I had noticed slowdowns on my iPad mini on a much earlier version of iOS and occasionally in a few notes on my MacBook Pro. The slowdowns were not too bad then, so I ignored them.

Slow Notes.

But since I record quick thoughts in my phone all the time, I wanted a solution to the problem. I did a quick search for the issue and discovered that others had the same issue since 2016!

Thankfully one of the suggestions in the user forums worked for me: Create a brand new note and copy the content of the old note into the new one. The solution was easy enough and my notes are as speedy as can be. But no one seems to know for sure why there are random slowdowns in the first place.

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