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Posted on: September 10, 2020

If you asked me to define “technology”, I would say that it is any tool that helps us perform tasks more efficiently or effectively.

A stick is technology whether it is used as a lever, a spear to fish, or an instrument to write on the sand. It helps us lift a weight more easily, increases our reach, and externalises thought respectively.

These days, however, I would define technology as any tool that you have now that you did not have when you were growing up. For older adults, this might be the mobile phone. It is something that has great utility, but gained prominence outside a period of fearless learning.

Modern technology not static. A mobile phone used to mimic a landline; it is now a small computer, camera, and a myriad of other devices compactly squashed in our pockets.

The current and modern mobile phone is a good example of an ICT — an information and communication technology. It can be used to find information, possibly repackage it, and then share it. I might use my phone to check for definitions of technology, devise my own, and then blog about it.

IT tends to be one-way — think about the transmissive powers of television, PowerPoint, and wifi. IT tends to be highly regulated or controlled by someone or a group in authority.

ICT, on the other hand, is two-way or multi-way. Think about social media, video conferencing, and torrent seeding. ICT relies on decentralised and socialised control. Its norms and expectations are negotiated over time and within communities.

There is no single way to define technology, IT, or ICT. Their meanings can change in context. Mine is education and these are ideas that provide a foundation for how I begin to teach others how to integrate technologies. This is how I see T.

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