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Zoom, zoom?

Posted on: September 4, 2020

Even though I remain wary about Zoom’s checkered past, I stay updated about its developments.

Recently, I tweeted just two of several enhancements to Zoom as they relate to educational use.

The first was a prioritisation of the hearing-impaired while the second might enable topical learning. The latter in particular might simulate station-based learning in a classroom.

I am glad that Zoom is making changes and hope that they will pan out the way we imagine. I know of one critic who has already wondered out loud that a company and programmers not known for its educational offerings can try to look good but not necessarily do good.

I remain cautiously and realistically optimistic — cautious because the critic speaks some truth, realistic because I hope to try out some online station-based learning for an online course I will be facilitating next month.

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