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Thought leadership?

Posted on: August 21, 2020

I enjoyed this reflective piece by someone who was invited to deliver a keynote speech on a topic he had no expertise in. One of his best sound bites was this:

…thought leadership is for cults. The really clear thinkers should simply provoke better reflections in others.

I enjoyed a good chuckle reading that!

The backstory was the author had gamed the trawling system that looked for people with claimed expertise and large followings.

I had two reactions.

First, I wish I had thought of doing that, but with statements of truth and actual expertise. Then again, maybe not. I have weaned myself off public speaking engagements where I am supposed to be the sage of the stage.

Second, I recalled being introduced as a “thought leader” at an event some years ago. The person who did so was being polite, but I took the opportunity immediately after the introduction to say that I preferred action to thought.

I had little idea then what “thought leadership” was. But this much I know now — it is an ego-feeding label befitting a cult leader.

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