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Ear worm, mind worm?

Posted on: August 7, 2020

If a catchy tune is an ear worm, might we also have mind worms?

Video source

The anthem, Bella Ciao, sung by the crew of Money Heist is as memorable as the series.

Despite its success internationally, I found out from a documentary that the show practically failed in its home country of Spain. The documentary also explained why it succeeded on the wider stage.

The mind worm that change agents might need is pushing on despite “failure”. Sometimes these are due to bad timing, differing expectations, administrative barriers, poor support, etc.

But persistent effort can pay off eventually. For example, change agents might have run against walls when designing and implementing actual online learning. But now everyone wants in because COVID-19 has moved the goalposts.

The ear worm anthem is about the resistance against fascists in Italy. It might be thought of as a rally to be bold and celebrate victories. Change agents in schooling and education do not don Dali masks and red overalls, but they can resist boldly and share success stories.

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