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Not OneDrive

Posted on: August 6, 2020

Yesterday I recommended a few things that teachers and educators could do if they were thinking of getting a new Apple product. One of the tips was to install OneDrive to increase storage space.

Today I share an important caveat: The IT administrator of your school or institute might limit file sharing. One way this happens is to restrict access to users within the same domain.

STOP by planetlight, on Flickr
STOP” (CC BY 2.0) by planetlight

While this has some utility, e.g., sharing documents in a class or course, it does not reflect broader real-world needs and uses. Such a move reeks of a policy that isolates classrooms from the world-at-large.

Not every school or institute operates like this, but I found out that one that I partner with does. It seems like it would rather let administrative concerns override meaningful use.

How did I find out? I created a short video for someone else to edit. To share the video, I thought about using OneDrive to temporarily store the 150MB file. But I soon found out that I could not share the file outside “educational” domains, i.e., I could not share to a user with a Gmail address. I resorted to using Dropbox instead.

While I understand that an IT administrator might wish to avoid misuse of shared folders and files, it has created a catch-all policy that does not discriminate between good use and abuse of the space.

So if you are a teacher or educator, you can use OneDrive to expand storage. But you might not be able to operate the way the rest of the world does — more openly, collaboratively, and responsibly.

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Murray Bourne: I just finished reading Corporate Rebels… and felt a lot of it should be applied in the education space and is relevant to the issue you describe. Some schools around the world are requiring teachers to conduct online lessons FROM SCHOOL! 🙄



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