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Store app, AirPods, and OneDrive

Posted on: August 5, 2020

I am going to share something about Microsoft’s OneDrive and Apple’s AirPods, but this is not a sponsored message.

About a week ago, I accompanied my wife to the Apple Store at Orchard Road. It now has a queuing system to limit the number of people inside. Instead of joining the physical queue, the better way is to make an appointment using the Apple Store app. This ensures a much shorter wait.

My wife has been wanting to replace her Macbook Air for a while, but we waited to take advantage of the back to school offer of free AirPods. As an educator in Singapore, she was also entitled to a discount. There is no shame in taking a freebie and discount given how Apple charges a premium for its products!

We chatted with an exceptionally friendly customer service representative who reminded us that educators have access to a Microsoft license that not only provides the Office applications but also 1TB of online storage space in OneDrive.

OneDrive can be downloaded here. Once installed, it looks like another drive volume. It functions like one, too, if you have a fast and always-on connection to the Internet. This is not only good for synchronising files, it overcomes the limited storage on a Macbook Air.

Optionally, you can also download and install the OneDrive mobile app and/or the mobile versions of Office apps on an iPhone or iPad. These might help with editing and sharing in a pinch.

Again, this is not a sponsored message. I am not compensated by Apple or Microsoft in any way to mention their products and services. I am simply reminding other teachers and educators how to get the most out of their purchases.

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