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Despite, outside, without, because

Posted on: July 25, 2020

Today I go off on a tangential thought that was sparked by a comic shared by Larry Cuban.

He curated a series of comics that provided commentary on how some folks in the USA were reacting to life during the coronavirus pandemic.

The comic I highlight reminds us that people are irrational. But there is a more important message — people are selfish.

Despite the inconvenience of wearing a seatbelt, being screened at the airport, and wearing sunscreen, even the most irrational person sees how the moves benefit himself.

But the mask actually helps someone else because it reduces transmission from you to them. Since you might be asymtomatic or pre-symptomatic, it makes sense to take this precaution. So refusing to mask up is selfish.

What is my tangent? I think about how some instructional designers prepare materials or how some instructors teach. They are selfish in that they think of how they want to instruct or teach. They forget that what matters is whether students learn.

Students can learn despite your teaching, outside your teaching, and without your teaching. It takes humility to recognise and admit that. It takes wisdom to ensure that student learn because of your teaching.

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