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Posted on: July 10, 2020

It is not a stretch to suggest that we value acts of creation. Think about works of art, music, technologies big and small, ad nauseam. Ask employers what they value in workers of non-routine tasks and they will invariably mention creative thinking.

But how about the ability to deconstruct processes and products?

Video source

I started watching videos from the JOLLY channel recently and its founders Josh + Ollie (= Jolly) are certainly creative. They include close friends and family in many of their videos. One of them is Reverend Chris who is a friend of Josh and the brother-in-law of Ollie.

Jolly asked Chris for his opinions on BLACKPINK’s latest music video. Collectively, their observations as layfolk were about as deep as anyone else’s.

However, Ollie consulted Chris’ sister, Victoria, who is a classicist, a lawyer, and has a double first degree from Cambridge. Basically, Victoria is smart.

But as they might say in the UK, the proof is in the pudding. Victoria was able to deconstruct the music video and laid bare its roots in Greek mythology.

She was also able to suggest hidden themes like rumour-mongering and suicide. These were poignant given the spate of Korean celebrity suicides that were a result of unrealistic expectations and online bullying.

Deconstruction is a mark of expertise. It is the ability to break down a complex process or product into its component parts, identify hidden concepts, themes, or patterns, and explain these to others.

The ability to deconstruct without destroying is also an art because the act can sometimes come across as criticism of another’s work. It takes practice, sensitivity, and deep knowledge to be able to deconstruct.

I think that deconstruction should be more prominent parts of learning and portfolios. Deconstructions reveal gaps and this would remind learners that there is so much more to learn. This would keep learners humble and hungry for more.

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