Another dot in the blogosphere?

Neither “blog” nor “post”

Posted on: June 21, 2020

Edublogs asked this question.

My answer is a more nuanced “neither”.

I call what I write and illustrate in my blog “entries” to indicate the reflective nature of journalling. I share my still-evolving thoughts out loud, and if they happen to help others with their own reflections, so be it.

I might have called them “posts” in the past, but I am not a journalist or advertiser. I certainly do not consider what I write to be “articles”.

There is another reason why I do not use “blog” as a noun. How does one distinguish the whole blog from an entry (read the blog on my blog)? Calling an entry a “blog” is just lazy.

I also wish to distinguish what I do here with navel-gazing tweets and self-aggrandising Facebook posts. So I stick with “entries”.

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