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Band-Aid solutions

Posted on: June 19, 2020

Band-Aid is a brand of bandage or plaster. We use these to cover up minor cuts and allow the body to naturally heal itself.


The company recently declared that it was releasing different coloured bandages to match different skin tones. It did this in the current and larger context of the Black Lives Matter movement.

This sounds good, right? However, such bandages are linked to a negative saying — applying Band-Aid solutions. Just like a Band-Aid bandage, these are quick and superficial. They merely cover deep and serious wounds that actually require some other treatment.

The different coloured bandages might just be an attempt to sell more product and not actually address a deep, painful, and long-running societal issue.

This is like simply giving kids, the elderly, or the otherwise disadvantaged folk enabling technologies without showing them how the devices might improve their lives. This is providing the hardware and software, but forgetting about the humanware.

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