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Posted on: June 17, 2020

This NPR article described how universities were waiving entry tests for prospective students in the COVID-19 era.

Why? Simply because 1) the testing agencies could not ensure properly proctored tests, or 2) they were already thinking of going test-optional.

Some US universities go test-optional.

Some universities are trialing the test-optional approach while others are taking the more “radical” step of leaving such tests behind. Is the writing on the wall? That is, might entry tests go cease to be a practice?

After all, there are other ways of gauging a person’s worth, e.g., e-portfolio, letters, certificates, medals, etc. There is also the fact that you can evaluate after a person has experience a year of university life, e.g., interview, observation, project work, examination.

Practically every aspect of life has been challenged during this pandemic. The WEF said that this is “opportunity to reflect, reimagine” and I hope most of us do that to make our smaller worlds better places to live in. I do not think we should just “reset” — that could mean restarting to a clean slate but resuming old practices as if nothing happened.

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