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Misrepresenting study

Posted on: June 16, 2020

I would like to laugh along with the tweet and nod in agreement. Unfortunately, it misrepresents “studying”.

Just because you are together and in person does not mean that you are actually studying or learning. A lecture is a perfect place to be alone together because it is often a one-way street with the lecturer attempting to deliver information.

The “futuristic” Star Wars hologram was in a galaxy a long time ago. Even if we assume that lore to be real, both the face-to-face and distance set-ups can come across as lectures. Neither require learners to think actively or to apply what they think they know.

Studying often requires alone time for effort and reflection. Group study often involves a small number of learners discussing, debating, and negotiating. They are not staring off into space or standing in space.

I get why a satirical Twitter channel wants to critique what it thinks is online learning. The problem is that it perpetuates myth and misrepresentations. The humour makes it easy to swallow and uncritical audiences consume such misinformation with relish. So I call it out even though I follow that channel.

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