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Point, counterpoint

Posted on: May 23, 2020

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Point: Institutes of higher learning in Singapore encountered cheating when trying to move examinations online.

Counterpoint: We cannot change the medium without also changing the method.

For example, this timely Edutopia article on summative assessment over a distance suggested that we:

  • Test strategically: “Make strategic decisions about what is need to know and what is nice to know
  • Prioritise performance tasks over performance items: Students apply a combination of skills in new or novel problems
  • Distribute assessment: Instead of testing all performance tasks in one big exam, spread them out over smaller and shorter events
  • Probe for evidence of learning: Require students to reflect on and explain their learning
  • Leverage on technology: For example, ask students to create YouTube videos to share what they know or can do
  • Teach students about academic honesty: The article out this well — “Instead of a deficit-based approach to assessment—expecting that students will cheat—we need to have an asset-based approach where we trust them to do the right thing and engage them in teachable moments around academic honesty”
  • Trust the judgement of educators: To determine if there was cheating or plagiarism, or if students need remediation

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