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Challenging IT?

Posted on: May 6, 2020

While out on a grocery run yesterday, a van belonging to an IT company caught my eye. It had a slogan on its side: Challenging Future Changes.

My mind raced faster than my hands when the van sped by, so I did not get a photo. I got caught up in how ambiguous the slogan was.

Its intended meaning probably was that the company could face any IT challenge that would come its way. But the way it was phrased left other interpretations.

If “challenging” was read as an adjective, the company was simply saying that the future would be demanding or gruelling. So it was stating the obvious.

If “challenging” was read as a verb, then the company was effectively saying it would maintain the status quo. It would stand up to change and help you do the same thing regardless of circumstance.

The second interpretation tickled me because that is what many IT departments do. They interpret policies their own way and create more layers of policy. This red tape acts like armour to protect the soft belly of old practices.

This is ironic since IT groups are supposed to support and enable change. They often challenge future change instead.


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