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Warning label

Posted on: April 21, 2020

Ugh, I heard an intelligent and educated person on a podcast interview talking about how he took the Myers-Briggs inventory. I know that people are bored during a COVID-19 lockdown, but resorting to that con job is a new low.

This “personality test” is still used in some schools here for career guidance. But this is an uncritical practice that perpetuates myths from its proponents and profits for its snake oil sellers.

Such tests should come with warnings. You know, like the ones on cigarette boxes or packages of medicine.

Here is my stab at a first draft: The following test was not created by psychologists and is neither valid nor reliable. It does not benefit the user beyond strengthening confirmation bias or creating self-fulfilling prophecies. Its continued use will perpetuate pseudo-science and uncritical thinking.

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