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Basic feedback, key reminder

Posted on: April 20, 2020

Sometimes I have to remind myself that what is obvious to me is not obvious to others. One such reminder came in the feedback I provided on an assignment I graded last week. My feedback was:

If technology use is to be effective, it must be accompanied by mindset and behavioural change. If not, we are simply changing the medium and not the method.

I provided this advice because most of my learners opted to design and implement edtech as presentations and demonstrations. This left the technology largely in their hands. But the impact would have been greater if they had also got their learners (their peers) to also use the technology.

Despite my modelling of learner-centric use of technology in my studio-based design, I did not state the “change the medium and the method” principle until the end of the course. This is something I must remember to mention and repeat in the earlier sessions.

From my DIWA Keynote, Philippines, in 2016.

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