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Stemming the StarHub red tide

Posted on: April 17, 2020

Two days ago, telco and Internet provider, StarHub, experienced an outage at the worst period. Most of us are currently in lockdown — working and schooling from home — so we need Internet access to get things done. Those of us on StarHub had that utility taken away.

I was affected from 4pm to about 8pm. Others had it worse because they were first hit around lunch time. When it first struck, I took to DownDetector with the help of my alternate mobile plan. This is what the outage looked like:

StarHub down!

According to this news piece, the problem struck the northern and north-eastern parts of Singapore first. Like the coronavirus, it struck in another wave later and spread widely.

StarHub down -- two peaks.

Interestingly, contributors to the comments section of DownDetector suggested that:

  1. They were able to access Google Sites (I could too)
  2. Changing the DNS manually could avoid the problem
  3. Using a VPN connection could also provide Internet access

StarHub down? Reconfigure DNS!

StarHub down? Use a VPN!

The latter two probably allowed savvy users to bypass StarHub’s DNS routing issue.

I tried the VPN option and managed to get access to the Internet so that I could get some work done on a desktop. But things were not so easy for other members of my household. I used a spare phone that was connected to a rival service provider as a hotspot.

The lessons? One, if the issue is the provider’s DNS routing, reroute with a VPN or by using an alternate server like Google’s Two, maintain a cheap and alternate connection with another telco/Internet service provider.

Our modern lives cannot function as we have come to expect without first order utilities like water and energy. These have high reliability. We also have a second order utility like Internet access. Somehow this still seems to be treated like a second-class entity, so we need to protect ourselves with second (and even third) options.

1 Response to "Stemming the StarHub red tide"

The info com authority must take starhub to task n fine them.
Their services is one 8f the worst kind you ever come across. Their TV channels n services are worse to even mentioned.
Calingl their 1633 n 1630 you will die of heart attack. Can never get tru, takes you mre then 15 minutes n worst case 30 minutes.. One you managed to get tru, you get lingkangpits on the line who only follow their strict regime. Not helpful nor give any assistance. They acted as though the pblms is not theirs.
Infocom authority must seriously look into this n demand starhub to buck up or shift out…
The poor service is due to starhub outsourcing their services to outside countries, liks msia, Philippines, China etc etc because of cheap labour.
During this covid pandemic aithority shud ask the to move such service back to Spore as our citizen needs the jod, period..


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