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A lesson from hoarding

Posted on: March 20, 2020

This is not a tip on how to hoard or be selfish. It is about removing ignorance.

Anyone who reads about how some of us hoard toilet paper might wonder if the hoarders have been properly schooled. Surely they have. After all, they were able to compose and read messages of panic on WhatsApp.

Being schooled well does not mean that we are properly or continuously educated. Schooling is about learning to follow the rules whether you understand them or not. Schooling is a phase that most are happy to get over and done with.

Education could happen in school, but it should be lifelong. It can be tedious, unspectacular, and boring. But this same sort of education helps us question and critique. It makes us skeptical instead of cynical.

Education puts the us over the me. It helps us rationalise why we a) should not hoard, b) need to social distance, and c) must help flatten the curve. It is what separates us from the other animals.

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