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Pause for a cause

Posted on: March 9, 2020

I am going to make a claim without backing it up. I am leaving my thoughts online for anyone to agree or disagree with, to learn from or to challenge.

My claim? There is far too much teaching that relies on reaction and not enough that focuses on reflection.

What do I mean? We still place much value in the presentation of information. This is not wrong and it can be impressive in the hands of a skilled and/or charismatic speaker.

But the presentation of information is not the same as the processing of information to turn it into knowledge. Doing that takes effort on the part of the learner, not the teacher. The learner needs to struggle, negotiate, and above all, reflect.

Take this recent faux pas by journalists being purveyors of information.

The math was way off. Each citizen would not receive US$1 million. If the thought experiment played out, each person would receive US$1 and some change.

The reliance on sensation and reaction did not afford time for reflection. This sort of time is asynchronous and practised on platforms like this one.

There is certainly time for the pizazz of presentations. But this should be balanced by reflection. Do not take my word for it, consider the wisdom of Dewey:

We do not learn from experiences. We learn from reflecting on experiences. -- John Dewey

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Clearly, thanks for an explanation.


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