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How NOT to cite

Posted on: February 20, 2020

Every now and then I get notifications of pingbacks to my blog. These are links that others make to my blog as a form of attribution or reference.

I check these pingbacks when the originating site seems unusual. I was glad I did with the latest pingback about my rumination in 2015 on Fruity people: Strawberries, durians, and grapes.

The screenshot of the site shows that it misused my blog entry by linking the word “people” with its message. How is linking the word “people” a good crosslink? My conclusion was also contrary to the site:

Such labels are not helpful because they encourage us to judge people before we have met them or get to know them. If we do, we end up looking really daft with egg on our faces.

Processes on how to attribute a writing reference are a dime a dozen. Models of positive practice are good, but so is learning from bad examples. The site that cited me is a perfectly bad example. No strawberry, durian, or grape doubt about it.

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