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Posted on: February 11, 2020

After watching a few videos of writers analysing the movie Parasite, I wondered if the field of education might need a deconstructionist movement.

Video source

The video above is one of a few that I consumed after I watched Parasite. The movie was excellent, but I did not know just how good it was until YouTubers like NerdWriter filled in blanks.

It takes specialist knowledge, deep understanding, and a critical eye to spot concepts and patterns. The ability to unpack applies to screenwriting as much as it does to problem solving in any field.

More progressive forms of schooling might have embraced constructivist notions (e.g., social negotiation of knowledge by peer teaching) and constructionist ideas (e.g., hands-on iterating by coding). But I wonder if the ability to pick apart and critically analyse (deconstruct) before creating something new with those pieces (reconstruct) hold more value now.

After all, there is hardly any idea that is truly new. We are simply repackaging what others before us have created or repackaged. There is a value in acknowledging one’s history and respecting the work of others if we learn first to deconstruct.

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