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Lecturers beware

Posted on: January 24, 2020

This was an opportunity for me to revisit an oldie but goodie image quote.

I do not doubt that universities do not gauge teaching faculty on lectures alone. If they did, even the best orators would eventually get low scores.

The writer of this article responded to another who assumed that student feedback on teaching was the primary method of appraising teaching staff.

Sadly, the writer of the article still opted to use the “lecture” moniker.

The danger of lectures...

Lectures, even so-called “interactive” ones with clickers or other audience response tools, are by far inferior in terms of critical reflection, authentic application, meaningful collaboration, and empowerment. Why focus on those? Because that is when learning happens.

The author of the first article ended with Great teachers go a step further: They help others to grow. I say that they should help themselves grow first — grow out of teaching/lecturing diapers and move up to big boy pants that focus on learning.

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