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Running into trouble

Posted on: December 14, 2019

If the image below was not photoshopped, it is a reminder that not all forms of creativity are good.

Either the owner of the building refused to give up space or the builders planned poorly. Either way, the last two lanes in the track are ridiculous. The runner in lane 7 has to shimmy past a wall and the one in lane 8 has to run through a tunnel.

Competitive track is about putting runners through practice that represents what they need to do in competition. There is no new run-through-tunnel track event.

Some might point out that the tunnel is a creative reaction. But a creative solution does not make it a good one. No competitive track athlete runs through tunnels. They might jump over hurdles, but certainly not run through things.

This is a reminder that calls for ‚Äúcreativity‚ÄĚ must be balanced with critical thinking and met with the same. Not all creativity is good or useful. These types of creativity are reactive and hide poor planning or judgment. Encouraging this type of ‚Äúcreativity‚ÄĚ runs us into trouble sooner or later.

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