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Bonus thoughts?

Posted on: December 4, 2019

Yes, let’s all acknowledge this dig at Singapore civil servants not getting as large a year-end bonus as they might have expected.

But let’s also take a step back and practice some nuanced thought. Those in the lower income brackets are getting more help than the higher earners [source]. And so they should.

The same source reported that overall bonus is “the lowest since 2009”. That might be the root of the tweet joke.

Now consider those who work without guaranteed bonuses. Our civil servants (teachers in particular) are afforded so much more than some workers elsewhere. The lower-bonus-than-expected is not just a first-world problem, it exists in an even more selective bubble.

Perhaps we should learn to look outside that thought bubble and reward ourselves with a bonus of gratitude — some of us fell on the right side of the divide and are enjoying the dividends. Perhaps those that did will offer the rest of us a handout.


2 Responses to "Bonus thoughts?"

E Tan: yep, am thankful for even getting the 13-month….



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