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Basic literacy now

Posted on: December 2, 2019

When I say “basic literacy” now, I am not referring to being able to read. I am thinking about the ability to create.

Creating short content, e.g., in the form of tweets, requires both traditional literacy and the basic literacy of now. Take the tweet below for example. The creator of the tweet received numerous reminders from commenters how to copy and paste.

Once an item is in a device’s clipboard, there is no need to copy it again. Copying the same thing again is an unnecessary step and a boomer mistake.

But the next tweet was more on point.

It indirectly pointed out the need for better visual design. The specific concept to apply was contrast.

There is no point teaching kids content and skills they will not use. It is just as harmful to not teach them content and skills they will need.

There is no need to look into the crystal ball for what content and skills might be relevant in ten years. One just needs examples of what is important now.

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