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Posted on: November 26, 2019

Who got embarrassed in the video below?

Video source

The “millennial” in the video said felt embarrassed that she did not know how to tune a boombox to a radio station, put paper into a typewriter, and load film into an SLR camera.

The point of the video might have been illustrate how some folks nowadays do not know how to do some things that their parents used to do regularly and competently.

Why make fun of a newer generation by showing how inept they are with what are increasingly irrelevant skills? Was this to make the parental generation feel good about itself? Why not test the parent generation with a few of the grandparent generation’s skills?

The video might have been entertaining (it was), but it also perpetuated an artificial and unnecessary divide (it did). Generational divides are to be expected and are exacerbated by the technologies we use. What is embarrassing is the futility of emphasising the divides.

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