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Inward-looking robocars?

Posted on: November 25, 2019

I have taken notes on the fifteen episodes of the CrashCourse AI series so far. Like some, I also look forward to automated transportation in general.

Rising above, I wondered if we need AI not just for monitoring what happens outside the vehicle but also inside. After all, the slowest, dumbest, and squishy-est element of robocars is the people inside.

People do stupid things like choosing not to belt up, putting kiddie seats in the front passenger area, or worse, rely on the “mama seat belt”. (In this part of the world, the mama seat belt is a child sitting on a caregiver’s lap.)

The mama seat belt provides a false sense of security. Anywhere in a car, human reflexes are not quick enough in an accident. In the front passenger seat, this arrangement places a small child’s head directly in the path of the explosion that is the airbag.

How about internal sensors to stop stupid people from doing stupid things in robocars? These cars could refuse to move until their human cargo is safe.

That said, I wonder if this is a fool’s errand. At the moment, current AI is still no match for natural human stupidity.

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