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Foresight from empathy

Posted on: November 20, 2019

Yesterday I lamented how it seems easier to rely more on hindsight than foresight.

Hindsight is costly in terms of time, money, effort, and morale because of the problems that are created. Foresight anticipates these problems and seeks to prevent them.

How might one develop foresight? One strategy: Learn to empathise.

Learning to empathise requires you to get out of your headspace and comfort zone. It requires you to experience work or other aspects of life from someone else’s perspective first hand.

Video source

Video source

The videos above illustrate what I mean.

You might think that parkour practitioners and gymnasts have similar styles and practices. These videos revealed that they do not. They also highlighted what each group appreciated about and learnt from the other.

Now if only newspaper publishers and non-scooter riding policy makers could relate. For that matter, imagine what student experiences might be if teachers empathised with the pressures of today.

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