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Process to product

Posted on: October 28, 2019

I like highlighting videos that feature the processes behind a product. To that end, I share videos that are often the behind-the-scenes design and production of movies.

But here is a video that reveals all the processes before revealing a final product.

Video source

The video comes from Rachel and Jun, the latter of the pair is a Japanese chef. Jun seems to embrace excellence in all that he does. In the video, he revealed how he collected driftwood, cleaned and treated it, and assembled it to make a cat tree for the couple’s three cats.

School teaches us to focus more on products. These are graded and shown off (if they are good) or derided (if they are bad). If we prefer to be educated, we need to focus more on the processes. We learn that a) processes can change with time and context, b) we need to be responsive and reflective, and c) we need to keep learning.

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