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Posted on: October 9, 2019

My immediate reaction to the graph embedded in this tweet was: Now that is an infographic!

Far too many people label images, diagrams, or charts as infographics. Just because an image has information on it does not make it an infographic. If it did, comics qualify as infographics.

Infographics communicate, they do not just illustrate. They take complex phenomena or ideas and help the reader or learner process them more quickly than, say, reading several paragraphs of text.

Infographic: Minard's Napoleon March.

One of my favourite infographics is Minard’s Napoleon March. I discovered this when I was studying visual and information design almost 20 years ago.

The graphic was created in 1869. Thought by some to be the greatest infographic in the world, it communicates some of the complex factors in Napoleon’s Russian campaign.

If you want some background on Minard and the infographic, I suggest this YouTube video as a start.

Video source

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