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CrashCourse AI episode 8

Posted on: October 7, 2019

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This week’s episode on artificial intelligence (AI) was a continuation of last week’s topic, natural language processing (NLP). The episode focused on an example of AI mimicking how a person might use words.

To do this, it introduced the concept of tokenisation — the process of breaking sentences up into words, spaces, punctuation, etc. This was just the first insight on how AI “understands” words and sentences.

The rest was complicated, e.g., words are reduced to numbers and associated with one another via vectors and matrices. The bottomline seemed to be that AI compared its predicted word use with actual word use from a large data set of written or spoken word from a person.

The episode left me with this thought: I appreciate how AI negotiates “meaning” statistically in an attempt to stimulate how we do so contextually and semantically.

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