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Five for five (Part 5)

Posted on: October 5, 2019

I close my unsolicited five-part series about being an independent worker with this question:

Why do you want to do this?

This is the most important question. You need a strong answer before you take the plunge.

Are you running away from something or heading towards a goal? The first might be about fear, but the second is about hope.

Are you leaving mainstream work because you cannot cut it? If you cannot handle that sort of work, what makes you think you can survive in a less supported environment?

That said, there is value is walking away from some situations. Your current work might be a threat to your principles, health, or personal development. My point that your decision should be driven by investigation and reflection, and not by fear or imagination.

You need to know what you want out of leaving full-time work. This might be more time with your family, regaining your sanity, or pursuing a new challenge. This makes the move goal-driven and planned instead of reactionary and rushed.

Pursuing one or more life goals is like preparing for a journey. The pathways of independent workers and freelancers are often not well-trodden and so you must prepare your mind, portfolio, finances, and loved ones.

The paths are not easy, but they can be scenic. You are likely to learn more about the world around you and about yourself. Your path might lead back to full-time work and there is no shame in that. But if you choose to walk that path, it is better to be walking towards something than to be chased by fear.

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