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iPadOS Split View and Slide Over

Posted on: September 29, 2019

iOS 13 brought new ways of doing both old and new things on my iPad thanks to iPadOS. I had to unlearn old methods and learn new ones with the help of these YouTube videos.

Video source

I need more than one app open to get work done, e.g., transfer information from one app to another, read from one while creating in another. While the older OS provided limited affordances, the latest update with an enhanced Split View will let me do more.

Video source

Another affordance is switching between apps. The conventional way required far too many moves (multi-move) and the Slide Over in previous iterations were too confusing to remember (multi-finger). The new version of Slide Over is no less complicated, but it provides more affordances in few moves.

It might be time to create more “muscle memory” for these gestures.

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