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Facts vs knowledge

Posted on: September 18, 2019

Sometimes less is more. Take this pithy musing from Lisa Lane for instance.

Facts are discovered. Knowledge is created. -- Lisa Lane

I was inspired to make an image quote out of the same.

It might take some a Philosophy 101 course to unpack the basics of what the quote means, but it will definitely take non-educators a lifetime to learn.

For me, the quote reveals a progressive mindset. Information is not knowledge. Some information is factual and worth your while, other information is not. Whether in hidden form or in plain sight, information needs to be uncovered or discovered.

But information remains “outside” of us. To be internalised as knowledge it needs to be processed by negotiation and reflection. It needs to be baked like a cake: Information are the ingredients; baking is knowledge creation.

This is why lectures do not always work. Lots of ingredients get thrown by an expert baker at the novice audience. The audience struggles to collect the ingredients and might not get to actually bake.

It is easy to dwell in facts. It is much harder to create knowledge.

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