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Teaching is not learning

Posted on: September 17, 2019

The title of my reflection today might read like an oxymoron, but you would be surprised how many novice teachers and new professors do not distinguish the two.

What sparked this reminder? A tweet from Alec Couros.

Teaching (however it is conducted) does not guarantee learning (however it is measured). This does not discount the importance of good teaching; it emphasises how other factors influence learning.

Bearing this in mind, we might realise not to use teaching as a shield against change.

The danger of lectures...

If students are to learn, they must be actively and meaningfully involved.

Learning is not a spectator sport.

One active learning strategy is to get learners to peer teach.

To teach is the learn twice.

As teachers provide these learning opportunities to their students, they need to recognise that an expert’s knowledge and experience allows them to see how separate pieces fit together. Novices to the game do not.

Teaching is neat. Learning is messy.

Teaching is not learning and does not guarantee that learning happens. The first thing teachers forget is what it is like to struggle with learning. It takes empathy, humility, and an open mindset to unlearn that.

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