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Posted on: September 9, 2019

Video source

Kyle Hill of Because Science was asked (at the 21min 40 sec mark): What is the thing you are most glad you learnt (or learned in US English)?

I was so struck by that question that I paused the video and drafted this reflection before I continued watching the video.

Hill had his answer and I have mine. I am glad that I learnt to question and to ask questions.

Schooling taught me not to question, or if I had to, to ask only safe questions. It was when I pursued postgraduate degrees that I learnt most to question what I had been taught and to ask good questions.

I was not taught to question nor was I taught strategies for questioning. Instead I observed more seasoned others in the form of professors and peers. It probably helped that I was in a different country where questioning and questions were the norm.

My regret is that I have spent only about half of my 30 years as a teacher and educator encouraging my learners to question. Questioning is one of the best ways to learn and I endeavour to work on my pedagogy of questions.

If you seek to indoctrinate, provide the answers. If you seek to educate, provide questions.

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