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Speed reading, anyone?

Posted on: August 31, 2019

Agencies that offer classes on how to speed read are a dime a dozen. They focus on efficiency instead of effectiveness, and thus provide the illusion of learning.

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This video asks the question: What if you can read twice as fast? It answers with: Nothing, especially if you understand only half as much. I would add that your wallet would also be lighter and your child (or yourself) not much better for it.

There are still for too many enrichment centres here that offer “educational” services that border on selling snake oil. They offer shortcuts in exchange for cash.

They do not do their homework, or if they do, only find “research” that supports their efforts. Parents also do not do their homework because it is easier to pay someone else to help their kids do actual homework.

Parents and teachers should not speed past or not read critiques. They should slow down and question. The could start by watching the video above and/or reading the transcript (with links to the research).

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