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Artificial idiocy

Posted on: August 1, 2019

While reading and watching pieces on artificial intelligence (AI), I had a moment of… umm.

AI holds much promise. It might eventually help us communicate across languages, solve problems we have and do not yet have, and release us for more creative ventures. But we are not there yet.

Some weeks ago, I listed Wheeler’s levels of AI as a teaching resource: A Narrow I, A General I, A Super I. We are still at the narrow level — chat bots, learning analytics, voice assistants, etc.

It is still possible to fool current AI with images. For example, it might have problems differentiating chihuahuas from muffins. This Twitter collection reveals other things that AI easily confuses.

This seems like a dumb differentiation exercise, but most humans do this intuitively. Perhaps what we need is not just artificial intelligence but also artificial idiocy. By this I mean the random, spontaneous, and creative aspects of human thinking and expression.

But I do not know how to make this happen. I am a real idiot.

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