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Is EI a skillset?

Posted on: July 6, 2019

Video source

Is “emotional intelligence” a skillset?

According to key research outlined in the video above, EI can be predicted by a person’s general intelligence, agreeableness, and sex. So those who tout the ability to increase EI might simply be relabelling existing traits.

But might improved cognitive reasoning and problem-solving also increase EI?

The research summarised in the video suggested that students who practiced how to take perspectives and reduce aggression or distress were better able to solve emotional problems.

So the question of EI as a skillset is moot. The more important question might be why EI seems to be valued later (adult working life) than sooner (in schooling). This is not to say that EI is not important earlier.

The larger issue might be how academics are still valued and pursued over almost everything else. This sets the tone for what children should focus on and maladjusts them later in life.

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