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Posted on: July 5, 2019

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When I was growing up, I learnt many of the etiquette skills and expectations in the video above. My lessons were a combination of parenting, schooling, and officer training. (Aside: I wonder how much of that happens today.)

Whatever I was taught, I had to practice the how, what, and when, but I was never really told why. Well, other than it was the proper and polite thing to do.

As a child, teen, and young adult, the insistence on following such stiff rules with no apparent logic seemed ridiculous. But as the demonstrator in the video mentioned, etiquette is about showing respect to others in social contexts.

An adult who learnt such etiquette might realise the importance of transferring that principle online. How many kids learn dining etiquette now? Do netizens today learn the equivalent of etiquette online and apply them in person? More importantly, do they learn why?

I am not referring to “cyberwellness” in theory, but about embodied practice. I am not talking about case studies (engaging as they may be), but about having models and mentors who demonstrate and correct.

This is important. It is the fourth R — respect.

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