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Blended vs seamless

Posted on: July 4, 2019

While blended learning seems to still be the rage, it is often touted largely as a combination of online and face-to-face experiences. This is the fault of edtech vendors who simplify this broad concept in order to sell their platforms and products.

Steve Wheeler hinted at the nuances of blending. This involves the mixing of pedagogies, content, contexts, tools/platforms, modes, etc.

This is why I prefer to use a term favoured by an ex-colleague of mine — seamless learning. An experience so well blended is one where the constituent parts are not apparent.

A learner might start with a think-pair-share activity, identify a gap in knowledge, and pursue information to fill that gap. This might involve collaborative discussion, individual investigation, or both. The knowledgeable other might be a fellow learner, her teacher, or an online entity.

All this time the learner does not feel like she is transitioning from one state to another. She is just learning. Seamlessly.

One more good thing about using seamless over blended: It has not yet been overused and abused by edtech vendors, administrators, policymakers, or trainers. The educators who learn about seamless learning might just start with a cleaner slate that embraces possibilities, complexities, and nuance.

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