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Unfair exchange

Posted on: June 6, 2019

Some agencies choose not to learn from their mistakes. For example, take the misguided practice of calling for several quotations for a service or product, and selecting the lowest quantum.

The process is not as simple as that, of course. The agencies may try to determine the quality of their potential partner and purchase. But here is the mistake: They will find out the hard way that their decision to still go with the lowest quote was not a good one and they will make that mistake again.

For example, take the mass purchase of computers for staff. On paper it seems like a good idea to have near identical machines so that they are administratively easier to manage. You do not even have to factor in the non-identical users of those computers to realise this is a mistake.

The computers might suffer the same low cost parts and hurried production, but they are not identical because the parts will fail at different rates. And fail they will. The people who then cannot use these tools for work will then have to bring these computers to harried and harassed IT staff.

The agencies save money from one column of their financial spreadsheet at the expense of effort, morale, and trust. The latter are not easy to quantify, so the agencies do not know how much they are actually losing every time they repeat this mistake.

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