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Worker 4.0?

Posted on: April 26, 2019

My immediate reaction to hearing a news report and the poster below on Worker 4.0 was: What if people still have Mindset 0.9 beta?

My next reaction was to step back and find out exactly what “Worker 4.0” meant.

A vested stakeholder, NTUC Learning Hub, had this to say: Worker 4.0 was one that operated in the 4th Industrial Revolution. But the rest of the website was marketing speak.

For example, it opted to simplify Work 4.0 as requiring adaptive skills, technological skills, and technical skills. These were “mapped” to the parts of the brain: Frontal and parietal lobe, frontal lobe, and cerebellum respectively. While not entirely wrong, you might wonder what value the brain mapping brought to their sell.

You might also question the difference between technological and technical skills. Read the details and you might realise they were trying to distinguish between declarative memory and procedural memory.

The Hub site listed courses that supposedly helped with the different skillsets. The reason for its existence online was to market these courses. The bait was flashy graphics, impressive-sounding words, and seemingly profound connections.

Worker 4.0 needs to be a BS detector, a nuance generator, and an autodidact. These are timeless skills based on a value-based education. Where are the courses for these? Or will courses actually stand in the way of developing such skills?

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