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What matters in the class size gamble?

Posted on: April 13, 2019

The issue of optimal class size refuses to go away. This is a good thing because it might just wear the opposition down.

If you play the numbers game and set policy with a spreadsheet from your ivory tower, you will point out that class size does not matter as much as teacher quality.

I do not think that anyone doubts that teacher quality is key. But even the best teachers will not be able to cope with large classes indefinitely.

The number gamers might point out that the quality of the student-teacher interaction is what matters. So will the ones urging for smaller class sizes — this will increase opportunities for such interaction.

I see your quantitative bet and I raise with my qualitative point. In the meantime, our kids deal with the consequences of our gamble.

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E Tan: with falling population, we just might get what we want… via


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