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Yes, we can!

Posted on: April 12, 2019

This parody Twitter account on what an “ass dean” might say to higher education faculty declared:

The 20+ direct replies so far by educators say otherwise. These educators count themselves in the minority. The majority know no better, fear the unknown or authority, or are resigned to being compliant.

I recall saying the opposite when I was in a similar administrative position in a university. My department tracked LMS usage and it dropped drastically in favour of alternative platforms and tools.

My rationale was simple: Do what is best for our learners, not what is good for blind policy and indiscriminate pockets.

We are not beholden to vendors. We do not serve them; they serve us. We pay a lot of money for their services and if they do not enable the type of experiences our learners need, we need to send vendors a clear message.

Sometimes it is not the fault of vendors. They provide the tools to institutions of higher learning, but administrators pass policies and managers implement them in confusing or convoluted ways.

Faculty feel like they are jumping through hoops and taking winding paths with LMS implementation. If they see how other platforms or tools work better, and if they listen to their learners, they might also respond to the tweet: Yes, we can!


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