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Review of AI notes

Posted on: April 5, 2019

I reviewed my archive of notes on artificial intelligence (AI) in general and in education. This was for a Masters class I am facilitating. Here are a few sources and highlights.

Why Education Should Become More Like Artificial Intelligence

  • We are already bionic: “Our natural senses and functions are supplemented by computers and mobile phones (which relieve our brains of some of their data storage and processing burdens). AI is making us smarter. It helps humans get and process information in ways that humans on their own cannot.”

Robots That Act Like Humans Are a Waste of Time

  • Make AI-driven robots useful, not mimics of humans.

What Does It Mean to Prepare Students for a Future With Artificial Intelligence?

  • AI should complement, not replace humans
  • Stop mystifying or fear-mongering AI
  • AI is for/by everyone, not just computer scientists (we need emotions, psychology, philosophy, ethics, design thinking)
  • Update computer science curricula to be more current and relevant

Educators on Artificial Intelligence: Here’s the One Thing It Can’t Do Well

  • Building and fostering meaningful relationships with students (socio-emotional role — as highlighted by Maha Bali in next article)

Against the 3A’s of EdTech: AI, Analytics, and Adaptive Technologies in Education
Maha Bali’s five questions:

  1. Which educational problem are you trying to solve?
  2. What human solutions to this problem exist? Why aren’t you investing in those?

  3. What harm could come to stakeholders from using this tool?

  4. In what ways might this tool disproportionately harm less privileged learners and societies? In what ways might it reproduce inequality?

  5. How much have actual teachers and learners on the ground been involved in or consulted on the design of these tools?

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