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Forming habits

Posted on: March 25, 2019

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I have a habit of reflecting on my blog every day. How did I form this habit?

According to this SciShow Psych video, a habit is an automatic action that develops from a contextual cue. My cue seems to be anything that I read, listen to, or watch in my RSS, Twitter, podcast, or YouTube feeds.

But relying on such cues makes such habits extrinsically-driven. So how did I make the writing an intrinsic habit?

Again according to research condensed by the video, I might have piggybacked on some other task.

I started blogging in earnest right before my son was born in an effort to journal his milestones. Back then, I was also writing my Ph.D. thesis and maintained an online journal for that journey as well.

Despite then returning to Singapore and working as a professor, lecturer, and head of department, I kept the daily writing up because it had become ingrained. I have left those hallowed halls for almost five years, but that habit has stuck with me.

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