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Thanks, but no thanks…

Posted on: March 24, 2019

Sometimes I need to remind myself why I choose not to rely on institutional LMS.

I might use the scheduled announcements and assessment submission, but I would rather site everything else outside of it.

Why? The reasons vary from course to course and institution to institution. But here are the two reasons that apply to most contexts.

LMS are designed to be closed. My learners do not have indefinite access to the resources I might put in an LMS. I have resourced house elsewhere that are a decade old and still used by former students. If an institution claims to support lifelong learning, it must go beyond LMS policy.

Institutions claim copyright to material submitted to an LMS. I rely on open or CC-licensed resources but cannot share them in a course housed in an LMS because they already have predefined usage rights. These rights are open and not owned by the institute or the LMS.


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